click for full sizePress Release: La Gran Plaza Continues Working with Immunization Collaboration of Tarrant County

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La Gran Plaza Mall Supporting Child Health

AUGUST 1, 2016 (Fort Worth, TX) - La Gran Plaza (LGP) continues its support and encouragement of the Immunization Collaboration of Tarrant County (ICTC) a 501(c)(3) consortium of public and private organizations in Tarrant County delivering low cost vaccine and immunizations to children for over two decades. The present outreach is aimed at youngsters heading back to school.

The LGP Mall is working with groups as diverse as Communities Foundation of Texas, Rotary of Fort Worth, Tarrant County Medical Society, TXU Energy, and a host of others that work on providing services and funding to foster community child vaccinations and health care.

ICTC reports that “7000 children are served at ICTC low cost vaccine events and over 20,000 families receive immunization information” annually. Subsidized immunizations average about fifteen dollars and costs are covered by such third parties as CHIP, Medicaid, etc.—donations covering costs for over seven hundred children annually. Last year about 13,000 vaccine doses were administered to over 4700 children. Over 115,000 children have been served by the ICTC program since 1991.
Texas mandates vaccine inoculations for attendance in seventh grade. ICTC facilitates Tarrant County Public Health Immunization Outreach and a public school nurse approach to providing vaccine days on-site for sixth graders in the first part of each year. Some 5700 doses were administered to over 2600 students this past year. Outreach to young children and middle-schoolers begins at such sites as the La Gran Plaza.

La Gran Plaza’s Beatrice Townsend reports that ICTC will host another forty-day, short-term health care outreach event, similar to those in seven previous years. The event will run from August 1st, 2016 to September 9th, 2016. Potential families to benefit from the services provided can easily find this familiar mall, as it is widely known to the Dallas-Fort Worth community. ICTC needed no broker or rep to foster a lease for this event, given La Grand Plaza’s long-term community involvement.
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